Kingston, NY

About this dome

  • Size: 3500 sq ft
  • Dome profiles
    • Dome 1: 44', mid
    • Dome 2: 44', mid
  • Lot size: .85 acres
  • Property contacts
    • Dennis Launer, realtor
      1 845 522 5900

268 Forest Hill Drive, Kingston, NY 12401

This is a one-of-a-kind building in the Hudson Valley that offers an abundance of state-of-the-art energy-efficient amenities. Both domes have 22ft ceilings and a collective square footage of 3,500. Located on the very busy State Route 28 in Kingston, it puts you right at the gateway to Woodstock, Phoenicia and the Catskill Mountains. NYS DOT estimates 26,000 cars per day pass this property and furthermore, for easy ingress and egress you’re provided the invaluable asset of being located at a traffic light. This property could be used for hydroponics, sectioned in half to create an open floor plan for creative uses, etc.. There are countless opportunities here and you can’t beat the locations proximity to the popular upstate destinations. The walls of the dome are built with wood that is FSC and SFI certified, lending a helping hand to our environment and ensuring the protection of fragile ecosystems. Also, the structure has R60 EcoBatts recycled insulation which does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors, whereas conventional insulation does. The insulation is clean for the environment and minimizes toxins, creating an interior space that promotes superior air quality. The concrete foundation of the dome has an underslab that is using R40 recycled insulation paired with a 24-inch Frost Wing around the perimeter, acting as a second layer insulation thus allowing the building to heat and cool faster and stay at a specific temperature for a longer period of time. The highly insulated geodesic dome is heated by an on demand radiant heater accompanied by a three phase Argo electric boiler. These systems create six separate temperature zones in the dome, that are easily heated and cooled, keeping the dome at a comfortable temperature year round. The windows in the domes are constructed with double pane 3/16″ tempered glass with 3/4″ air space along with a low E coating and argon gas between the panes. This makes the windows much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than your conventional window. Additionally, the roof of the dome is coated in an Elastomeric spray. This spray is used in most flat roof buildings for its ability to act as a waterproof seal. As a bonus, this dome is uniquely designed for extremely high winds and earthquakes. Similar structured domes have gone through tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes with minimal surface damage and no structural damage. The difference is the aerodynamic shape of this dome, the metal connection system, and the expert structural engineering, which all produce high standards far beyond basic codes. This dome offers gorgeous wood interiors and the large groupings of south facing triangle windows take maximum advantage of passive solar. It’s comfortable, efficient and affordable while it is exciting, uplifting, inspiring and passionate. Combined with superb energy efficiency, this creates a safe, comfortable, and well designed structure – for the next century.