Kalispell, MT

About this dome

  • Dome profiles
    • Dome 1: 46', mid

Mike started designing his dome in March of 1993 prior to his attending Dome School. After many revisions to the plan, which included adding living quarters for his parents, Mike ordered his 46′ diameter mid profile dome in August 1995. The connection hardware system was delivered in October. Mike fabricated all of the Dome shell components and built the entire lower level over the next two plus years. Mike died of a heart attack on March, 28th 1998. With the help of some of Mike’s friends, a committed contractor, and Marilyn and John (Natural Spaces Dome owners in Polson, MT) his parents decided to complete Mike’s dome. The dome raising was done in July 1998. Betty and E.T. did move into the dome after its completion.