Comer, GA

About this dome

  • Size: 1811 sq ft
  • Lot size: 3.6 acres
  • Property contacts
    • Robbi Tiller, realtor
      (553) 248-7284

501 Longbranch Rd, Comer, GA 30629

This dome sold on 11/07/19 for $35,000.

Very unique dome house that will definitely appeal to those looking for something different. Perfectly nestled on 3.6 acres in Comer, GA. The story behind this house per the seller: It was 1975 when a young 20 something couple with 3 young children decided they wanted to be closer to nature and would move back to their land and live off the land. The couple had traveled in their youth and attended art schools across the country. They loved each other and architecture. At art school, they happened to live in the neighborhood of the one, the only Buckminister Fuller of Carbondale Illinois. He was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist. He coined the term “spaceship earth”, “tensegrity” ” synergetic ” and designed the Geodesic Dome. This home is a fixer-upper but worth it. There’s a creek on the property and the home is equipped with many windows giving the perfect lighting for plants along with the benefits of using less electricity. The land is part of a 13-acre tract that is owned shares, 5 home lots every 3.5 acres. Each lot owner gets 1/5 ownership in the 13 acres which essentially is the road that gives access to each lot. It’s a must-see.