Brandon, MN

About this dome

  • Dome profiles
    • Dome 1: 36', high
    • Dome 2: 33', low
  • Property website: External link

Beverly and Mike’s new dome. Their existing dome was lifted off it’s 3′ riser while crews installed a new 8′ riser.

Bev and Mike’s original dome, a 33′ diameter, low profile dome built in the late 1970’s, was totally renovated and greatly enlarged.
Click here to see how. They lifted the dome, tore off the 3′ high risers, installed pre-built 9′ high risers and increased the upper floor & lakeside view.

Bev and Mike’s new dome, a 36′ diameter high profile, was added on to the original dome in 2007. Architectural designer Steve Ward was again called on to “blend” the two domes. A basement was added under the 36′ dome and connecting link. They went from their original 800 sq. ft dome with a small loft to a great double dome home encompassing almost 4500 sq ft on 3 floors plus the view cupola / skyloft and spectacular views.