Super-Lok™ Patented Dome Building System

At the heart of the Natural Spaces Domes System is our patented connection hardware which we call the Super-Lok.

Invented in 1978, it was the answer to six years of dome building using inadequate wood plates, metal brackets and panelized systems.

The sleeve is made from very heavy gauge steel with an extra thick zinc plating to make it rust proof.

What we were looking for was a connector that was self aligning and so simple to put together that any dummy-sorry, that should be any “novice” dome builder could do it.

We didn’t want you to have to do any of the assembly of the strut hardware up on the scaffolding.

With our system all you do is slip the sleeve tongue into the hub slot and pound a hardened, 4 inch plated bolt “pin” in place, securely locking the two together. That’s it. No coming back to tighten, no re-aligning, no adjusting.

The next step is just moving on to the next strut.

Working with our structural engineer and our metal fabricator, we came up with our unique hub design.

The entire hub is a one piece, very high strength, aluminum extrusion.

The tongue from the sleeve fits into the slot in the middle of the hub.

Having squashed various pipe hubs during testing, we came up with integral reinforcing spokes to strengthen the hub. It now could take extreme pressure from the struts – both pulling and pushing.The heavy plating on the steel sleeve prevents any galvanic reaction with the aluminum hub.

For sea coast applications, we provide a special sulfuric anodized coating on the aluminum hub, preventing any deterioration from salt in the air. We then coat the steel sleeves with a special epoxy coating (similar to that found on running boards of vans) eliminating any potential for rust.

Our Natural Spaces connector system is the strongest dome home connector on the market.

Our competitors have been heard to say our system is over engineered – we think you deserve nothing less.