Skylight Options

Updated: 4/14/23

Prices given on other pages are for double-pane, clear, tempered glass units. The following % amounts are multiplied to the double-pane base costs.

Low-Emissivity Glass (Low “E”) 25% add-on (for double), 28% add-on (for triple)

With Low Emissivity coatings, solar energy (shortwave radiation) is transmitted through the insulating unit to the building’s interior, where it is absorbed by carpeting, furniture, walls, etc. It is then converted to long-wave infrared radiation. Approx. 90% of this long-wave infrared radiation is reflected by the Low-Emissivity coating and retained inside the building. This results in lower heat loss through the window and thus, lower U-values. The performance of the insulating glass in Southern climates may be further enhanced by utilizing bronze, grey, or reflective -tint glass in addition to specialized Low – ”E” coatings. These coatings will reduce the solar heat gain without tinting. We can also use two layers of Low-E coatings to further enhance the thermal and solar characteristics. This must be specified at the time you order.

Argon Gas 3% add-on (for double), 5% add-on (for triple)

The airspace in our Low-E units can be filled with argon gas which will enhance the units energy efficiency by about 13% by reducing the conduction of heat through the airspace. (Not available with high-altitude tubes) (Not necessary for skylights in the top row of triangles below the pentagon).

Regular Tinting 15% to 20% add-on

Bronze, Grey, Green, or Blue Integral Tinting – reduce heat gain and glare (see performance data). Enhances detail similar to a polarizing filter. Not a film.

Custom Tinting 25% to 35% add-on (min. – some colors higher)

Blue, Arctic Blue, Bluegreen, Evergreen, Azuria, Atlantica, Cariba, Pacifica, Greylite, Supergrey – all of these are an Integral Tint – reduces heat gain and glare (ask for performance data.) Enhances detail similar to a polarizing filter. Not a film.

(Reflective Tint) (PPG Solarcool) Integral Tinting 45% add-on (+2% on smaller sizes)

Substantially reduces heat gain and glare. Ideal for west-facing or high south-facing skylights. Not a surface applied film. Available in Solarcool Bronze, Solarcool Grey or Solarcool Green. Smaller skylights have to be increased from 3/16″ thick glass to 1/4″ glass, which requires an increase of 2%. Sometimes referred to as “Mirror Tint”

High-Altitude Skylights 3% add-on

For insulated glass installed or transported higher than 4000 feet above sea level, special breather tubes must be inserted into the air spaces to balance the outside air pressure and that between the glass panes.  This eliminates the use of argon gas between the panes.

Triple Pane 52% add-on

All 3 panes are 1/4″ tempered glass (or 3/16″ on smaller units). 3/4″ airspaces and 3 panes add over 50% to the energy efficiency over double pane. Besides the energy-efficient qualities of this unit, it has enhanced sound dampening characteristics.

Other Options

These include; laminated safety glass (for coastal hurricane areas), patterned glass, high solar energy transmittance (90.4%) glass, bullet-resistant glass. Contact Natural Spaces for information and prices on these or other options.

Skylight Exterior Flashing Colors: (Note: We will mail you actual metal flashing samples for your final color choice)

Proprietary Finish – Utilizes the ENTEX® Cool Chemistry® paint technology which won’t chip, crack or peel, and can also reduce energy costs.

Virtually Maintenance-Free – Consistent look with a 35-year fade warranty with the ENTEX finish.