Dome Shell Building Accessories

We sell tool packages, nail packages, and other items for your dome.


1/2″ braided nylon – this is a lot stronger than twisted nylon, we provide a length of rope with your dome shell kit that is twice your dome diameter.  This rope can be used with approved climbing harnesses, however, it’s main job is to hoist struts or panels up to the top of the scaffolding.

Climbing around on top of your dome should not be taken lightly. If you slip, there isn’t much to grab on to. We strongly suggest every person working on the top of your dome have proper safety harnesses, ropes, and tie-offs.

Owner-Builder Tool Packages

We want to make sure you have the right tools for building our dome system. As part of your dome shell kit, we provide: Two 22 oz hammers, two hammer holders, plastic chalk box w/chalk, two 25’/30′ tape measures, framing square, knee pads, 48″ level, box wrench, 2 safety glasses, 2 pair of work gloves, 2 aprons and humidity gauge (not included if just purchasing Super-Lok Dome Connectors).

Owner-Builder Nail Packages

You NEED an air nailer because you will be using 15,000 to 30,000 nails by the time your dome is complete. All you need to add is an air compressor (1 hp to 1 1/2 hp), which you can rent or buy, and an air nailer. If you can’t find an air nailer, check with us for competitive pricing on pneumatic air nailers.

Premium Fastner Nail Packages

Natural Spaces Domes provides all the nails, screws, bolts and adhesives required in assembly of our dome components. We want you to use the correct fastener in each application. We don’t want you using an improper substitute and we don’t want you running all over trying to find the right fastener. We supply “strips” of nails for a Paslode / Hitachi Pneumatic Air Nailer (other brands available). You NEED to use an air nailer when you consider you will be using 15,000 to 30,000 nails in your entire project. Our 3/4″ interior panels use 2 3/8″ ring shank hot dipped galvanized nails. We use 3″ ring shank hot dipped galvanized nails for our 3/4” plywood exterior panels. All of our domes are designed for high wind and snow loads. Using the right fastener for the right job is critical. When you finish, we want your dome to stand up to whatever Mother Nature or the Big Bad Wolf tries to inflict.