Malarkey Legacy

Malarkey Legacy is the most popular collection. It is most often recommended by roofers and has the best reviews from homeowners. Legacy features Malarkey’s best manufacturing innovations: such as the Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt, superior granular adhesion, and the Scotchguard black streak protection. They also have the highest Class 4 impact resistance rating, a 130 mph wind uplift warranty, and a Class A fire rating.

Another feature that makes this line so popular and durable is the Zone Fastener Placement. This technology allows for a dramatic improvement in the fastener installation process. It means that your roof is more likely to be installed correctly, and will therefore not leak or shed shingles.

The dome shown to the right is roofed using the color Natural Wood, displayed in sunlight and under cloud cover.

It is available in the following 9 colors:

Antique Brown

Black Oak


Midnight Black

Natural Wood

Sienna Blend



Storm Grey

Weathered Wood