Installing Probes

Friday :
We are going to be testing the thermal efficiency of different insulation thickness under the radiant heated slab: 1″ foam, 2″ foam, 4″ foam, and insultarp bubble insulation. We will have temperature sensors under the insulation to measure the heat transfer to the ground below.

Monday :
The Temperature probe is shown at left. The picture at right shows 8
underslab probes coming up in one pipe. These probes are then plugged into a “hobo” central read-out box that connects to a computer. A special software program records the read outs and creates graphs.

Two additional probes are being positioned at 42″ and 84″ under the
concrete slab. This will tell us the gound temps at those levels.

Our goal is to read the temperature of the soil directly under four different types of insulation. This will tell us how much heat is “lost” from the 4″ thick concrete slab with radiant hot water tubes.