Dome Raisings and Domes Under Construction

 We maintain a list of upcoming dome raisings. If you would like to participate or just watch the dome raising, we invite you to call us for more info to find out if it is an open or private dome raising. Dome raisings usually occur over the weekend and are a great place to learn more about our dome system.

“Dome raising went well thanks in no small part to Hugh. We got both domes up on Saturday and maybe 10% of the triangles sheathed on Sunday. The many volunteers did yeoman work and we made some new friends from the dome community; altogether a great experience of the sort this country was built on.”
-Jessa and Mike

1. Upcoming Dome Raisings

Cantley, QC, Canada – 46′ Mid

Dunlap, TN – 40′ Low + 45′ Low








Collbran, CO – 29′ Mid

2. Current Ongoing Dome Raisings


Kapaa, HI – 40′ High + 36′ Low

Maple City, MI – 40′ High + 36′ Low

Lyons, CO – 36′ High








Jamestown, TN – 40′ High

Saranac Lake, NY – 47′ Low + 29′ Mid

Amboy, IA – 44′ Mid + 36′ Low








Black Foot, SD – 36′ Low

Custer, SD – 44′ Mid + 36′ Low

Edgerton, MO – 40′ High


Chesterfield, MA – 40′ High + 29′ Mid





Hilo, HI – 50′ Low

3. Click Here to see Completed Domes

A not quite complete listing of Natural Spaces Domes around the world.


4. Domes Under Construction:

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