S.F. No. 2384 – Relating to Chisago County

Senator Janet B. Johnson

January 27, 1998

Section 1 authorizes the Chisago County Board, by resolution, to provide that the office of county recorder is not elective but would be filled by appointment of the county board.

Section 2 provides that upon adoption of a resolution by the Chisago County Board, the duties of the county recorder would be discharged by a department head appointed by the board and that any such administrative change would not diminish, prohibit, or avoid the discharge of duties of the recorder required by law.

Section 3 provides that the person elected to the office of Chisago County recorder in November 1994 would continue to serve in that capacity until the term of office was completed or a vacancy occurred in the office.

Section 4 provides for a reverse referendum.

Section 5, local approval clause.