S.F. No. 2385 – Relating to Chisago City and Wyoming Township

Senator Janet B. Johnson

February 2, 1998

Section 1 authorizes Chisago City to reimburse the town of Wyoming for orderly annexed property for a period and in an amount agreed upon between the city and town under a joint powers agreement, which the two local units entered into for the purpose of establishing a joint commercial and business park in the annexed area. Under the general law, reimbursement must be made in substantially equal payments over a period of from two to six years from the date of the annexation.

Section 2 provides a $500,000 appropriation from the general fund to DTED will be distributed joint powers board named in section 1 for establishing a joint commercial and business park. The money would be used to pay the cost of environmental, transportation, job creation and associated studies, and site preparation for the industrial park.

Section 3 provides for local approval of section 1 by the town of Wyoming and the city of Chisago City.