Posted: 9/8/99.

Twyla Ring files for senate seat at urging of Sen. Johnson’s family

At the urging of Sen. Janet Johnson’s family, Twyla Ring, 62, retiring editor of the ECM Post Review newspaper in North Branch, has filed to fill the Senate District 18 vacancy created by Sen. Johnson death.

“Janet and I are on the same page as far as education and environmental issues are concerned. I want to complete the work that, due to her shocking and untimely death, is left on her desk,” Ring says.

“Having served my school district in many ways – from tutoring and mentoring students, recruiting and training volunteers, teaching a public-private pilot program journalism class and serving two terms on the North Branch School Board – I feel I have my finger on the pulse of education from many constituencies.” Ring says.

Ring has been editor of the Post Review since 1985. “No matter how many people file for this special election,” she says, “I’ve spent more hours than all of them together at county board, school board and city council and township meetings.

“In Senate District 18, I know well the complicated issues facing our local governments. One of my personal crusades will be to get rid of the sales tax on purchases by such units of government. This amounts to double taxation as far as I’m concerned,” Ring emphasizes.

Ring says the issue of a unicameral legislature needs to be studied. “I don’t have enough information to take a stand on this issue,” she admits, adding, “but neither does anyone else. The point is that legislators must carefully study all facets of this issue and of any issue that comes before them, before taking a stance one way or the other. The public, too, must be well educated on this issue before being asked to vote on it.”

Ring says, “I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, China and Russia. I know how much lifestyles in other countries pale in comparison to ours; I know how precious democracy is; I know how important it is to protect our air, water and open spaces; I also know that what happens in Asia can affect our farmers’ market prices. This knowledge will serve Senate District 18 well.”

Ring and her husband, Ardell, have been married more than 44 years. They have three children and six grandchildren and live in North Branch Township, Isanti County.