Sen. Janet Johnson Confirms she has been Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

Posted: 8/16/99.

District 18 Senator Janet Johnson, DFL, North Branch, has confirmed that she has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

Following successful surgery in July, the third-term senator is under the care of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester on an out-patient basis. She has begun chemotherapy treatment.

“The outpouring of concern and support from those who have learned of my condition has meant a great deal to me,” Johnson said. “These kind thoughts have lifted my spirits and strengthened my determination to overcome this challenge.,” Sen. Johnson emphasized.

“In the coming weeks I will be focusing on treatment and recovery so that I will be ready for the 2000 Legislative Session when we convene in February,” Johnson said.

Johnson, 59, was first elected to the Minnesota Senate in 1990 after serving on the North Branch School Board.

She has authored national model legislation in the areas of environmental protection, renewable energy use and consumer protection. She is chair of the Senate Transportation Budget Division where she has been a strong advocate for an improved multi-model transportation system.