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Future House, built by a prahovean: Housing eco-cheap and ready in a month

Eco housing, spherical, cheap and ready in a month. This is the offer of an engineer in Prahova in the midst of real estate. The construction resembles a soccer ball, is strong, warm and will be raised at least 15 days.

A civil engineer from Prahova offers solutions for the future of those who want to build cheap housing, modern, spacious and very secure. Dinulescu Alexander is a specialist in geodesic domes – split spherical triangular shaped building. Whose destination may be building a dwelling house, showroom, restaurant, space for concerts, why not a stadium like half a soccer ball, the hexagoanele pentagoanele and which is formed is divided into equilateral triangles .

“Dom can take any open house, the biggest construction of this type with a diameter of 680 meters without the need for support than petrimetral. For this reason, a quantity of material required 40% less than normal building a house, “said Alexander Dinulescu.

Other domes in Bucharest and Brasov

Engineer said that this type of construction is an old passion, for which he used as inspiration Baneasa Airport buildings, the State Circus, Romexpo, and mosques of Istanbul. “The first dome was built in the area of springs, Prahova. Many people have crossed the threshold of curiosity. Now we have two ongoing projects in Bucharest and another is made in Brasov and is not for living space. Customers of these houses are people from different social and professional categories, open to new, “says the specialist. The price of a house-shaped ball is up to 20% lower than a normal building. The advantages are, however, huge.

“In short, if you need a regular house of 150 square meters, in a dome house will be enough for 120 square meters. The degree of thermal insulation is well above the value of a traditional house, giving long-term benefits for the owner, “said the engineer.

Heating or cooling costs are reduced by 60-80% and was healthy and airy environment. Then, those who live in this type of eco-home should know that it has a high resistance to earthquakes, is very bright and is constructed from non-toxic and safe materials. Closure structure can be done in one day with a team of four people. Dome is ready in 15-30 days, depending on size, subdivision and finishes used. Among the disadvantages are that the form does not allow any kind of home furnishings.