2 Interior Planning Kits – Bundle


Bundle includes your choice of 2 Interior Planning Kits, mix and match sizes or formats.

Paper Version: Blank dome floor plan drawings @ 1/4” = 1’.0” scale on 18”x24” or 24”x36” paper. You plan out your own custom ideas, which you send back to us for preliminary plan development or a MacDome Budget estimate. Scale furniture cut-outs, scale ruler, three sheets of tracing paper and plans and details included.

CD Computer version : If you are proficient at using AutoCAD program on your computer (even the “low-end” programs), we can supply a CD version of our interior planning kit in either DXF or DWG format.

Shipping is included in price for orders within the US.
Orders outside the United States must call 1-651-674-4292 or email us at Nsd@NaturalSpacesDomes.com.

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Interior planning kits can be ordered on paper or CD-Rom. Both kits include the following plans and details (some plans and details not included on sizes 50’ and larger).

Whats Included:

  • Lower floor outline plan
  • Main floor outline plan
  • Upper floor outline plan
  • Top view of dome showing triangle grid
  • Side view of dome showing triangle grid
  • Cross section through dome
  • Extension options
  • *If you are unsure about what model/diameter size you need. The model size is based on the amount of square footage the main floor has, with no extensions.

If you need to purchase a design program check out these links below:

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