Mårnes, Norway


Sandhornøya Island,
North of the Artic Circle
near Bodo, Norway

This is Ole-Martin Borgan and
Sandra Eilertsen's 40' / 12.2 M
high profile dome home.
Martin Martin
Finally, we installed the cupola windows we are almost finished with the roof shingles. 
It was somewhat difficult to estimate the shingle quantity.
Dome under the Northern Lights earlier this week.
Thanks to Petter Formo for nice picture!
Click here to visit their blog.
Today my 3 months paternity leave was over (Sandra had 12 months).  We are still positive that we will be finished with the dome by Christmas.
This is the Norwegian National TV crew who has been filming the building of the dome since the beginning.  This may be their last visit before they come back to film the finished dome.
This is Benjamin helping to mount the kitchen fan.  He always wears the proper footwear when he is on a construction site.

The wood fiber is fed through the vibrating machine and blown out through a long hose into the walls.

We are sorry to all the Marne's neighbors who had to undergo a weekend with a constant high-pitched wail in the background.  If it is any consolation, Ole-Martin had it worse. 




This is the first dome house in Norway to be insulated with wood fiber insulation.  The dome took 3 long days from 8AM to 9PM to insulate.


This cob wall is nearly completed.  Ovest really wanted us to add some colored glass for decoration.  It is along this wall stairs will go up to the second floor.
Norway Dome 11
In a few days the house will be pressure tested.  Before that time, the door to the porch will be fitted where the blue field is in the photo above. The triangle panels were coated with white stain with lots of help from friends and family during the summer.








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