More featured domes

Lamoille, NV -
51' / 15.6M mid profile

Pahoa, Hawaii -
50' / 15 m low profile


Mike's dome is used as his Tai-Kwan-Do classroom.

Sharon and Erich ordered their 51' mid profile dome to replace their aging and too small 1970's dome.

Eszter and Andras shipped their dome system by container.  Their interior features several curved walls

Thief River
Pam and Doug created a very personal, whimsical interior space.

Suzanne and James dome got the first totally off-grid building permit in Los Angeles county.


Red Wing, Minnesota
46' / 14.1M Mid profile

Beautiful interior spaces, 2500 sf, 3 levels, 4 bdrs.,North Branch, MN

Jim's dome has curved extension roofs and fabulous lake views.

Ellen and Rich, solar panels, wind generator, and a peat filtration septic system.

Clare and Andrew finished their owner-built 3 bedroom dome after fabricating the struts and panels.
Forest Dome
Red Wing

Chuck and Carol finished their dome at the end of 2011.

Steve built this in 1978, Jeanne bought and updated this in 2008.

Chuck & Diane's double dome w/full floor over 29' garage.

Cora has created a spectacular dome with a panoramic view.

30' Dome

Brandon, Minnesota 36' / 10.8M high,
33' / 10M low


Ann & Jake built it -
Jan & Leo renovated it
with fantastic results.

Marion & Roger had NSD build this dome in the early 1980's.  Great interior, with pool and pond.

Beverly and Mike's new dome. Their existing dome was lifted off it's 3' riser while crews installed a new 8' riser.

Our Dome System
Brandon, Minnesota

29' / 9M Mid profile

Sid's domes have beautiful interiors with dramatic views.

Kathy and Dave built this 2000 sf dome on
2 floors with 7" of
sprayed urethane foam.

1991 Mpls Home show dome. Later built as a home.

Charlie built his dome with 3 extensions. 1427 sq. feet of living space, all with NO mortgage!

Sherman Fish
Survived 7.5 earthquake without any damage.

These domes for Brent, the Chrysalis Project, are a 4 frequency 9/12 (3/4) truncation 23’/7m diam. and a 3 freq.
cut on a "great circle" line.

Chile Thumb
Chrysalis Dome




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