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Natural Spaces Domes Interior Wood Paneling

Interior Paneling

Wood is a renewable resource only if it is managed as such. Recent research by the World Wildlife Fund indicates that future demand for wood could be met from approximately one fifth of the worlds forest area. Sound forest management, coupled with increased productivity and continued efficiency improvements in manufacturing, can move the forest industry towards sustainability. The immediate challenge is to combat illegal harvest, poor cutting practices and over-exploration in some areas that threaten the future of forests and tarnish the entire industry. Forest "certification" offers an effective tool to conserve, protect and restore the world's forests. Our Spruce is a “certified sustainable” wood product.

We have been using #2 premium grade Engleman Spruce as our choice of interior wood. Other options are cedar, ash, birch, oak, aspen, maple (native Minnesota woods), ponderosa pine, or bamboo. We do not use redwood or non sustainable tropical rain forest woods.

NSD Office with White Stained Interior PanelsThe interior panels can be left natural to minimize the chemicals in your living environment or you can use a "low or no VOC" type water based wood sealer, which will darken it slightly. If you are looking for a white interior, we suggest you "color" the panel with a white stain. Again, a "low or no VOC" stain is wiped on, then wiped off and two coats of a water-based sealer are applied. This gives a beautiful luster to the finish. All of these applications can be easily applied to the panels while they are standing on the floor.

The application of Sheetrock (gypsum board) in our domes requires 2x4 blocking at 16" on center over all the triangles. Then the subject of finishing the joints must be addressed. Unless done by someone experienced with angles and using special elastic joint materials, you can expect cracking to occur. We suggest a batten strip over the panel joint to hide any cracks. Costs for sheet rocking the interior triangles usually are more than using our 1-piece wood triangle panels.

The chart below gives a cost range for the spruce interior panels. The actual cost varies depending on how many of each size triangle are in your dome. Extensions and skylights change the totals.

Interior hubcaps and trim for
finishing the interior triangle panels
Click Here

Model Profile Diameter Avg. Cost Range
500 Mid 26' $1,800 - $2,900
625 Mid 29' $2,250 - $3,800
650 Low 30' $2,900 - $5,000
650 High 30' $4,000 - $6,000
950 Low 36' $3,300 - $5,500
950 High 36' $5,000 - $7,200
1250 Low 40' $3,800 - $6,000
1250 High 40' $6,000 - $8,800
1500 Low 45' $6,300 - $9,000
1600 Mid 46' $9,000 - $11,800
1700 Low 47' $6,700 - $9,800
1800 Mid 49' $9,500 - $12,300
1900 Low 49' $7,200 - $11,000
2000 Mid 51' $10,000 - $13,000
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