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Aluminum Trim and Flashing

Most of our flashing is aluminum with either an enamalized color coating, a PVC color coating with a raised “wood grain” texture, or "Extex", a peach fuzz texture matte finish with the best fade resistance.  These are available in a wide variety of colors to match your roof or trim color. We strongly oppose the use of caulks and liquid sealants for the process of sealing joints in your roof, fascias or soffit areas. All caulks and sealants have a certain life span. Some are not compatible with asphalt products or even cedar lumber. We try to rely on metal flashings for sealing or covering the critical areas in the structure that need weather proofing or waterproofing.

Some of the items listed below are included in our complete dome shell kits. For those of you buying just the Super-Lok connection hardware, the items below can be purchased separately. We also have a wide variety of custom flashings for those special areas only on a dome. Some of the products listed below are manufactured by Air-Vent, one of America’s leading ventilation component suppliers.

Air-Vent Products are available in brown, black, or white. Copper or zinc avail. at extra cost

  Length Cost Each
Base Vent Drip Edge - vented along bottom (Dome triangle meets riser) 10' $39
Base Drip Edge - not vented at bottom (Matches above) by Natural Spaces Domes 8' $29
End plugs for base vent drip edge @ extension ends (foam)   $1
Flash Filtervent with air baffle and wind baffle (Attic cupola wall meets dome triangles) 8' $59
End Plugs for Flash Filtervent (Wood-Cedar-Mouse proof)   $10
Ridge Filter Shinglevent II with air baffle (all plastic) black, brown, charcoal, & gray.
(allows shingles to be nailed over as cap. Includes special 3” galv. roofing nails)
4' $24
Ridge filter shinglevent 11-9A. Class A fire rated 4' $24
Strip Soffit Vent (plastic) brown/white 8' $5

Natural Spaces Flashing Products: Available in wide range of colors. These are custom bent flashings by
Natural Spaces and designed exclusively for domes. Custom lengths to 10’ are available.

  Length Cost Each
Roof Drip Edge (with extra long 5” roof return) by Natural Spaces Domes 8' $16
Fascia Cover (6”) Aluminum by Natural Spaces Domes
(included in Vent Cupola Exterior Trim Package)
10' $22
Vent Cupola Base Flashing 3”vertical leg x 11" horizontal leg (covers shingles)
(included in Vent Cupola Exterior Trim Package) by Natural Spaces Domes
8' $32
Backfill Board “Z” Flashing for top edge of backfill board (for 1/2” board) 3' to 5" - 10'' $1.50 /lf
Step Flashing - Various custom sizes   From $1.75 /If
Wood Cant Strip   $1.75/If
Backfill Board 1/2”x12” (foundation grade treated - rot resistant)   $1.75/If
Metal Cant Strip Cover (12" vertical leg) over 4” Foam   $4.75/If
Metal Back Fill Cover 1-1/2” Foam (12" vertical leg)   $4.50/If

Colored Valley Flashing: Available in 50’ long coils in the following widths: (check with us for color availability)

PVC coated aluminum: 18” wide x 50’ coil  (Available in 12 colors) $136
Enamelized aluminum: 24” wide x 50’ coil  (Available in 17 colors) $147
Entex coated aluminum : 24" wide x 50' coil (Available in 12 colors) $171

Liquid Sealants:

Tremco Dymonic polyurethane sealant: (Dark Bronze & other colors) Super quality used on our skylights $10 each

(We know, we just told you above “Don’t use caulks or sealants” - but there are some small
unusual areas where you need to use high grade sealants and match the flashing color)

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