The photos below show a typical dome school in action. The workshop takes place twice a year at our seven dome factory and office facility in North Branch, Minnesota

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Hugh Mayhew, Dome School Instructor from Domes Northwest, demonstrating notching of struts for ventilation system.

Dome School student drilling holes in exterior struts.

Dome School students attaching steel sleeves to exterior struts.

Dome School students using air nailer to apply 3/4" plywood gusset connecting exterior 2x6 strut to interior 2x4 strut.

Cutting exterior panels from 3/4" T&G 4'x8' plywood. Scrap is used to make gussets for struts & risers.

Cutting ventilation slots in first row exterior panels. Base vent drip edge is lying on panel.

Dome School students assembling section of a dome using components built during class.

Hugh Mayhew and Dome School students assembling the Natural Spaces Super-Wal dome framework.

Dennis Johnson (left) Natural Spaces Domes, and Hugh Mayhew (right), Domes Northwest, demonstrating fiberglass installation (note: typical installation uses 6' wide batts providing one piece triangles)

Installation of skylights, 30# roofing paper and laminated asphalt shingles.

Dennis Odin Johnson, Natural Spaces Domes, explaining ventilation & superinsulation during dome school.

Typical dome school class (taken at dome school held near Seattle, Wash.)

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