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Brainerd, MN

About this dome

  • Size: 10000 sq ft
  • Dome profiles
    • Dome 1: 49', mid
    • Dome 2: 49', mid
  • Lot size: 2.13 acres
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Sale details

9121 County Road 23, Brainerd, MN 56401

This is a one of a kind, breathtaking, environmentally friendly, double geodesic dome home. This double dome home uses the wind, sun, and earth for pollution free, highly efficient heating and cooling, with electricity being provided by solar panels and wind turbines and heat by a geothermal source (pond coils). The two connected multi-level domes are well equipped to provide you with a waste-free, fuel-free, pollution-free, highly insulated and highly energy efficient home. With this high efficiency, utility cost can be an average of 30% of the cost of a typical home of the same size. Enjoy gorgeous natural hardwoods and native red oak flooring throughout the space. The property has a large pond out back (geothermal source), along with a green house dome, a shed, and an above ground buried cellar. The domes are bright, open, with a lot of light and woodwork.