Dome Owners Comments

The following comments were taken from a survey by Natural Spaces Domes sent out to our list of dome owners. We asked them to fill out a questionnaire with data relating to energy costs, mortgage info, building costs, etc. Two of the questions were “how do you feel about living in a dome” and “what are your domes most important features”.

Every one of the several hundred responses were positive. A few owners had some minor complaints mixed in with the positives. It shows us that our dome home, as a housing style, has a remarkably positive owner, enjoying and excited to be living in their Natural Spaces Dome.

We know the dome concept generates positive comments. However, a Natural Spaces Dome is not your ordinary dome. We know that many of the following comments are because of our special expertise in creating enjoyable interior spaces, our triangle skylight windows which we use to create panoramic view and our use of natural wood interior triangle panels. These and our other unique features help create that warm “fuzzy” Natural Spaces Dome.


Marion and Dick – Payson, AZ – 40′ high profile

A note to the most wonderful dome architect in the world! If we had it to do over, we would hire Natural Spaces as our architect and Blue Moon Construction in Pine as our builder! We could not be happier with our home, where it is built, the design, the views, the air flow, etc., etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We always welcome any interested visitors to our home. We would prefer that they would call in advance.
Light and Love,
Marion & Dick


Patty & Barry – Effie, MN – 36′ high profile

How did you know we would live so happily inside this space? Why didn’t you prepare us for the feeling of complete union between our living room windows and the river view? The dining room is completely separate from the living room, but they’re joined so organically by a warm curved wall and warm fireplace. The patterns the moonlight makes on the inside are breathtaking. It’s a three dimensional showplace and nest, rolled into one. It’s a joy to live here.



Ruth – Maiden Rock, WI – 40′ high profile

It’s a large dome, but feels cozy. People are awestruck entering the living room where they see the ceiling and the view from the windows. Watching thunderstorms in the summer is great, you feel in the midst of the lightning, but safe inside.




Jim – Minneapolis, MN – 36′ high profile

It makes me want to come home and stay there. It doesn’t nickel and dime me to death. Don’t have to worry about the elements.





Janet – Idaho

I went with Natural Spaces because I liked their approach to energy efficiency and efficient use of materials. Also, I was able to buy their connector system and build the kit myself. I went with Natural Spaces Domes standard strut thickness – 2×6 external/structural struts with a 2×4 inner strut attached by plywood gussets to make a 15″ thick shell in which I placed 12″ of fiberglass batt insulation. It has given me an energy efficient home that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I also like the deep window sills that I got with my lower level skylight windows.

They offered a “Dome School” that I was able to attend where I recieved a lot of good information and tips that made the building process less daunting and saved me time and frustration when I got into the project.


Diane and John – Ludington, Mich – 40′ High Profile

We are just weeks away from moving into our new dome. This project was so much bigger than I ever anticipated. It was a very difficult year for me without John to help, but somehow we made it. My son learned how to wire receptacles and lights, so he was a big help. And both kids have helped insulate, paint, and do whatever we requested of them. With over 6,000 square feet now between 2 domes, I sometimes wonder what in the world we have created. It is beautiful, though, and attracts a lot of attention. The builder and I came up with ideas as we went along, so it is truly unique and our own. In September I will begin working to help pay for this luxury!

All the best to you and the crew at NSD.


Nanci and Gar, VA – 40′ high profile

Overwhelming cerebral buzz. Nothing compares to living in a dome.

Best features: Styling, abundant openness, woodwork, efficiency, secluded wooded lot.

Marilyn and Ted, MN

We love having done something different. The whole experience of designing our own dome and building the interior was exciting. Now we enjoy everyday. All the windows bring the outdoors inside, minus mosquitoes.

Best features: Seeing the views from each window; different types of spaces inside.

A middle school class in Greenbush, New York did a project about Geodesic domes.
They sent us pictures of the project and we’ve posted a letter below.

Dear Natural Spaces Domes,

Thank you for the pamphlets that you sent. It helped us learn a lot about Geodesic domes.
We took some photos of the domes we built and painted. It was very fun doing this project.

Travis McCauley
and Ms. Yonkers Class

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