Shingling the roof.  I am sorry to say that I can find little environmental benefit to asphalt roofs.  Had Dennis and I owned the dome when it was being shingled, we would have chosen a different type of roof.  However, the shingle chosen has a 40-50+ year life, double that of an ordinary shingle.  Also, there are now uses for recycled asphalt shingles when they have to be replaced.   Because NSD has a ventilation area underneath the roof sheathing, the shingles will not deteriorate as fast and we may get more than a 50 year life! (Well, maybe not "we".


Sun. 2:30pm -- The shingling crew arrived Saturday morning when it was 50 - and this is Minnesota and the middle of winter.

Mon. 11:00am -- Natural Spaces Domes crew installing the custom frame for the VELUX exit skylight from the
upper floor bedroom.

Mon. 3:00 pm

Tues. -- The weather turned cold on Sunday and it is back to our usual 15 F above (-9 C). The roofing crew has the extension done, along with the west and south sides.

Wed. -- The shingling continues today, but currently
Rob and his crew are flashing and shingling around the
VELUX M08 egress window in the upper bedroom.

Wed. 3:45 pm -- Continuing with shingling.

Mon. -- Work is continuing on the shingling and installing the cupola windows.

Tues. -- Shingles nearing completion - could have been done except they ran out of shingles.

Wed. -- Final shingling being done on top of the cupola tomorrow. Interior framing around cupola windows being completed. Temporary insulation installed.

Thurs. -- Final shingle touch up and cleanup going on - then it's done for shingling.

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