Entry Extension

The Natural Spaces built home extension wall frame is 11 ¾ inches, providing excellent energy efficiency. Regular box housing walls are 3 ½ or 5 ½ inches.

Wed. 10:30am -- Even though the temperature is -5 F (-21 C) with a -25 F (-32 C) wind chill, we are starting some second floor joists in order to continue the 2-story entry extension.

Wed. 3:15pm -- Continuing with the second floor joists.

Thurs. -- The owner, Erik, either contemplating all the angle cuts or wondering why he's working outside in -12 F weather (with a -30 F wind chill factor).

Thurs. 3:00pm -- That's it, it's too cold and we
need to finish Christmas shopping.

- Installed 2" foam fillers for air space, and foam
strut fillers.

- 1:00pm - Started working on the entry extension
floor joists again.

- 4:00pm - Finished setting the
curve for the 2nd story balcony opening going
into the dome from the entry extension.

Fri. 10:30am -- Finished with 2nd floor entry joists
and molded 3/4" plywood pieces for balcony curve.

Fri. 12:00pm -- PL 400 sub-floor caulk applied.

Fri. 1:30pm -- Installing 3/4" plywood sub-floor.

Mon. 4:30pm -- Doing other work - Short day on job site. Putting up 2nd floor wall on entry extension.


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