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2070 New River Inlet Rd.
North Topsail Beach, NC

Reviews / Comments


October 24- Oct 28, 2012

WWH 2012.  The girls weekend was awesome.  The Beachdome was a great place to celebrate our 20th year.  First 2 days weahter was very nice.  Last 2 we watched Frankenstorm Sandy roll in.  2 of the girls spotted dolfins one morning.  Thanks for a great weekend. 
Mary, Michelle, Anne HC, Jo Ellen and 4 kids long for the ride.
Sarah and Tim,  Kate and Al.

Oct 6-13, 2012
The Beach Dome was a delight.  Thank You! The clan McClam. Alabama and NC

September 14-17, 2012
We had a lovely stay- all seventeen of us.  Thank you for providing such a complete household goods.  We never ran out of coffee cups!

Sept 22-29, 2012

Have been coming to Topsail for 35 years.  Back then we were a small family.  Now with all the room the dome house has, we come with grandkids, great grandkids.  Have never found a better place to relax.  Great weather this week 80 degress and sunny all week.  Do hope that whoever buys the dome house makes us feel as welcome as the Johnsons. 
The Kramer Clan from Ohio.  The Alexanders, Metz's the Moffs

If we're not at the Beach Dome, its not a beach vacation!

August 2012
I like the Jungle Room.  I had fun sleeping in the different rooms each night.. Coleman-- age 8.

I love reading on the hammoch on the 4th floor.  If you have a RC helicopter it is a great place to fly it.  It is also fun to get a two-by-four and put on the dinnng room table.  I would also recommend renting a surfboard from across the street.  It is really fun.  I also liked sleeping by the window seats.  Jack age 10 (PS the two-by-four is for bong.  Very fun)

Loved the diner booth.  Great space.  Enjoyed the covered deck.  Great views and ocean breeze.  
Thank you for a great week with our family.

July-Aug '12
Loved the house. Enjoyed the views even the thunderstorms. 
Arurora University alums, Maggie, Chris, Vince, Monica, Pat and spouses and friends.  
Cindy and gang

July 2, 2012
Great week at the Dome! The Tiptons theCunninghams and the Rugers, Lexington, NY

July 2012
Pure Chaos!  But we had so much fun. The house is great and we discovered some weird acoustics.  Thank you 
Oma andOpa from Kaniah, ID
Kenards from Cary, NC
Syymanski/ Wests from Chicago and UT
Dalyn  from Philly, Pa
Lanes from Vancouver, WA
Groves from Kalespell, MT

May 26- Memorial Day weekend, 2012

Enjoying Memorial Day in Topsail.  Palm Market and Tiki Bar had a free oyster roast, raggae band, volley ball, cornhule and horse shoes.  Good time.  The shrimp lady vendor at the BP had excellent, fresh shrimp

The Bank Family came here for the first grandauter's christening-baptismal.  The dome house is a treasure.  We all hope to come back! Soon!  Underwoods & Schafers

May 4-6, 2012

Dear Dennis and Tess,
We appreciate all the details- baby gates, crock pot, tec. Beach was beautiful during the day-lightning beautiful during night.  The  Brooks love the dome.
Brooks 9th annual Family Reunion

March 22-25, 2012

The Dome......diminished our stress, blood pressure and improved our over all mental state...great weekend therapy, lol  THANK YOU! Karen, Frances, Sheryl

We enjoyed our stag at the Dome House-beautiful home and views.  Look forward to visiting again, Betty

What a lovely place-great view-lots of space, lots of fun and fellowship with my lady friends.  We want to come back next year. 
Jean, Deborah

Enjoyed it all-house, friends, ocean, walks and food 'n drinks.  Lots of laughs, tips and discussions.
 Scottish Nells Garden Club, Cary, NC and Fuquay Varina, NC

March 11th, 2012

Great weekend for the ACC tourny with the Lamlda Chi fraternity brothers from UNC.  Have been meeting here at North Topsail for 28 years.  Have enjoyed the Dome.  Hope everyone does the same.
Steve Tracey and Lamlda Chi Apha 77-86 grads of UNC.

6 March-12 March, 2012

The AXA Carolina Crew-  Thanks again for a wonderful get-away for our group.  See you in 2013 for our 29th annual gathering.  Craig Hahnt Brothers/wives

Jan 19th-23, 2012

The Bank Family came here for the first grandauter's christening-baptismal.  The dome house is a treasure.  We all hope to come back! Soon!  Underwoods & Schafers

Dec 5-12, 2011

We dropped the 3 keys to the Beach Dome in the mail today.  What a wonderful time the entire group enjoyed there.  The view is just fantastic and the house was well stocked with everything we needed.  We only had to bring our towels and toilet paper.  Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your home for a few days.  Joan & James

December, 2011
Family all gathered from Florida, SC, TN and OH. What a wonderful view and the dolphins were so playful and showed up every day.  The house had more than enough room for everone to gather.  Met all our requirements and would certainly come again. 
James O'Boxian and families Myers, Brown Harres  Many thanks! 

Nov 20-22, 2011
The Martin family-kids, spouses, and grand kids-20 of us-for Thanksgiving.  A perfect place for us.  The boys especially liked the cupola. Dolphins put on a great show.  The "polar bear" types enjoyed the boogie-boards.  Of all the places we have rented, this was the best-provisioned and best maintained.  The kitchen is great for feeding a large group. Hope we can come again. Aaron and Ruth Martin and family

Oct 14-22, 2011
Same crew plus the "owners" directing the clean-up, fix-up for workers making the place more enjoyable.  Outstanding weather! Great topsail art Fair.   We found lots of shells, and flat rocks strolling on the beach.  Best of all--friends and family.  More painted areas and more to come. Hope all the guests enjoy this fabulous place.  Sheila

Oct 1-7, 2011
Cousins & Friends have returned.  Paint and fix-up week.  Florida, Minnesota, Arizona represented.  First and only day--dolphins.  But absolutely gorgeous weather.  Watched our diets but couldn't resist the Fudge in Surf City.  "Buddy's" is great for corn poppers and tasty fish. 

9/17/11- 9/24/11
We had a great time at the Beach Dome for the 2nd year in a row.
The week start out chilly, but the weather turned warm and sunny as the week went on. We had dolphin sightings, lots of pelicans.  No sea turtles on the beach like last year, but lovely anyway!  We even saw a triple rainbow while we were boogie boarding on our last day.  A perfect ending to a fun week.
There were the four in my family s(PA) my parents (PA) my aunt (TX) and my in-laws (Canada)  Beach dome was perfect for us!! I grew up coming here for vacation.  Our stay was great and Beach Dome has be a very "homey" place for us. 

8-27- 9/3/11
Sheppard Family and friends.  Couldn't be here the first day because of the mandatory hurricane evacuation.  House is missing some siding and some torn shingles.  Other than that it was fine.  Great place, love the views and the beach.  2 families from Utah & Charlotte, NC
 Tom, Aegela, Janet, Ben, TK, William, Aden, Rachel, Gabriel, Sicily, Lucas, Calab and Coco

Family reunion. 2 grandparents, cousins,  3 of the kids with their mates and their 10 children. (9 & under).  Great time, Great House
Paul (California--2 families Virginia 1 family and grand parents Durham, NC)

July 23-July 29, 2011
Had a great time @ the Beach Dome!!  Lots of sand, sun, surf and dolphins. Absolutely beautiful. Have many new memories shared with our family. 6 couples, Grandma and 3 month old baby!!  Thanks so much!!  The Antrams, Bueckers, Rinyos, Jones, Matthews, and Baby Tallen.

PS.-  Won $ for Beach Dome Vacation through work so brought family down to visit brother and cousin who live in Jacksonville.  Came from Columbiana, East Palestine, Leetonia, Ohio.   Go Bucks!

June 25, 2011
Dear Beach Dome II
We had a blast! Thanks for the memories.  Beach & Naps & Eating during the day, Games & Karaoke @ nite.  We love your property!  Best,  the Godehns, Wilsons, Turners, and Valentinis

June 11, 2011
Had an amazing vacation here on Topsail.  Our family came down here from Pennsylvania and this will be an amazing vacation.  The Beach dome is a great place to stay at.  The Geisel Family

The Beach Dome is a great place.  My family came all the way from Chicago and other parts to join me in 20 years of service to our great nation as a Marine.  I thank you and I know more people will have a great time here.  Ray 

Spring 2011
We have seen dolphins, great sunsets and old friends- a terrific basketball week- and the Tar Heels are in the final game today!! 
Thanks for sharing the "Dome" year after year--we love it.  The UNC Crowd.

December 19th 2010 - January 3, 2011
This was the first rime we have been away from home for the holidays.  It was also most of the family's first time in NC.  The Beach Dome was beautiful! I loved cooking in the kitchen. It allows privacy and togetherness all at the same time.  The sunrise in the morning was breath taking-just look out the window shortly after the sunrise---DOLPHINS.  Every single day dolphins and pelicans would grace us with their presence.  The weather was a little chilly some days-perfect sweatshirt weather.  We even experienced the 1st snow in NC in years.  But it melted quickly and hit 70 degrees on New Years Day.  We made quick friends with Food Lion and CVS. We enjoyed a day at the spa and even dined at some of the local restaurants.  Nikkis in Surf City and Christophers right here in Sneads Ferry.  Beach, fishing, and sand castles were easy considering our very own pier to the beach. 

Over all, it was a great holiday spent at the fabulous Beach Dome.  We can't wait to come back in the summer! 
Helen, Jeff, Diane, Kaitlyn, Jeffrey, Kayla

November 28- December 5. 
Our 8th visit, but our first winter one--loved it!
The dome is comfortable in all weather.  It's the very best design for "happy' living.
Build more domes!  A new slogan for beach architects.
Dolphins galore!  They must love the winter fishing here.
Jim, Penny, Sherry, Jo, Jeremy and Meko Rae

November 21-28, 2010
Thanks you so much!  We enjoyed the Beach Dome immensely.  4 adults, 3 kids- plenty of space, watched dolphins, seagulls, pelicans and fishing boats. Very much enjoyed our stay.
Thanks you!  T. N., Knoxville     
PS. -  Bella age 14--awesome house.

November 8-19, 2010
Another relaxing time on the beach.  Just us airline crews again.  Tried several dining places.  Best food is Buddys Bar.  Best Bagels for breakfast or lunch is next to CVS. Just over the high bridge.  Check out the variety  of fudge in Surf City.
dolphins-of course.  Jumping the waves daily.  Sun and beach. sooooo relaxing.  A deer ran through the lot onto the beach.  Sheila & Robert.

Oct. 2010
We really enjoyed our visit. The Beach Dome is beautiful, and my father-in-law was able to relax and enjoy his vacation. Dad is 83, and he lost his wife 1 ½ years ago. Since then, he has had a hard time relaxing. I was really amazed that he was able to stay anywhere for a whole week, but he was clearly happy and comfortable at the Beach Dome. I hope that we will be able to get him back there again next year. We had three generations there, and we all loved it! Thanks again! Kathy

Sept. 2010
We had 14 adults and 2 small children here this week-all related! We had a great time, great weather except for Thursday when we waited to see how the hurricane Earl would be. Turned out to be just a little wind and rain-no big deal! We were on the beach Friday morning! Saw a turtle nest the morning after they hatched.
We had been checking it every night but missed seeing them come out. Loved the house-quite unique! The only thing I missed were some rockers for the deck. The toddlers especially like to run around the circular living area with all of us cheering! 9/4/10 The Cormisan and others Clan

June. 2010
This is my third time at the beach dome. I have always come with my family but this trip was special. This trip was a celebration for mine and my boyfriends, Ben's graduation from Purdue University. This was my one request for a graduation gift. There is something about this area and house that brings my entire family together. We are so spread out. Family (grandma, aunts, moms and siblings) all came from far. (Denver, D.C. Ohio, Indiana)

April 2010
Thank you for such a beautiful beach and house. Great sun and sand. "The View!" The Dome Home is well equipped with anything/everything you need.


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