Bear Creek Dome
as featured on Planet Green channel's
"World's Greenest Homes"

Bear Creek Dome was selected to be on Planet Green's "World's Greenest Homes" because it represents a culmination of 35 years of building environmentally sane, energy efficient dome homes.

Planet Green (formerly the Discovery Home Channel), was discontinued from the Discovery Communications group of cable channels in May 2012.  We were sad to see it go because of the great emphasis on eco-friendly, environmental programming.  Even though the channel was profitable, the parent company was looking for an easy to program channel with more mass market appeal. 
We read that as "bland".

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Planet Green's production crew arrived at 8 AM on a gorgeous Saturday in June, 2008. The producer and head camera person were from Toronto. The "B" roll camera person, sound person, and grip were from Minneapolis. Using a high definition, super wide angle lens camera, the dome almost looked better on the wireless monitor than it did in person.

Tessa Hill and Dennis Odin Johnson, owners of Bear Creek Dome (and Natural Spaces Domes), were "on camera" until the crew left at 7 PM! Yes, there were retakes and lines mis-spoken - but luckily those got edited. It is amazing how much filming is done to get the 10 minutes that you see on the program.

We want to thank the production crew and all the people on "World's Greenest Homes" for understanding and featuring all the positive aspects of our domes and dome living.

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If you have questions or comments after the show, call or drop us an email.

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