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Announces a
Winter Solstice Sale!
Two weeks only

December 8th through December 22nd

After the Solstice, the days get longer,
and you start to realize the dream of living
in your own dome home

Invest your money in a Natural Spaces Dome -
it will start providing you dividends immediately:

  • Owner building our dome will save you construction money because you can do the simple dome assembly. More info

  • You can finish our dome quicker, easier and cheaper than other structures which means you can move in sooner.

  • A Natural Spaces Dome can be designed to be the most energy efficient home you have ever imagined. Your energy costs will be 50% to 75% less than other box homes. With solar and wind systems, you can even achieve a net zero energy cost home. More info

  • A Natural Spaces Dome uses materials and building methods that create a healthier home. We know firsthand that eliminating toxins in your indoor environment will improve your health, often times dramatically.

  • Our material costs have been increasing all year long and the trend looks like it will continue. Our prices have been edging upward. However, we need to generate business during our slower winter months. You end up as the beneficiary.




Water Foundation

Top Dome

Burrowes East End


  • With our Winter Solstice Sale, we are offering 10% - 12% off on our dome connection hardware system and 8% - 10% off on all of our dome home building kits.
  • We are also offering 10% off orders for new Natural Spaces Domes custom skylights and 20% off on several existing in-stock new custom triangle skylights.

We are offering these payment plans to lock in these discounted sale prices:

  • Layaway (It's back!) : 10% discount on the dome connection hardware. 8% discount on the dome shell kit. Pay 25% down with the balance paid off in 5 equal monthly payments. No interest. Free storage for an additional 3 months.

  • 90 day pay : 12% discount on the dome connection hardware system. 10% discount on the dome shell kit. Pay 50% down with the purchase paid off in 3 equal monthly payments. No interest. Free storage for an additional 6 months.

  • Immediate shipment : 12% discount on the dome connection hardware system. Full payment required with order. 10% discount on the dome shell kit : 50% deposit required with the purchase order, balance due prior to shipping. Delivery time varies with dome size; 3 weeks to 6 weeks.



Act Now:

  • Give us a call or send us an email and we will create a purchase order contract based on your dome dreams. You do not have to have your dome plan finalized - You just have to have the dome size selected. We can help you develop your plan or you can choose from hundreds of our existing plans.

  • This is the time to invest in a Natural Spaces Dome Home - for all the reasons listed above. You need to take charge of your future, making it healthy, energy efficient, economical, and safe.
    Most of all, you need to create a more beautiful space - A Natural Spaces Dome Home.
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