On August 14, 2011

The soft light of the dome

The geodesic dome was surrounded by five ...  (Photo: Marco Campanozzi, La Presse)


The geodesic dome was surrounded by five one-story wings - two are shown here - that add living space. At the top of the house, a mini-tower is 100 square feet vantage point, or small lounge for reading or morning coffee.

Photo: Ken Campanozzi, La Presse

"When Martin asked me to live under a geodesic dome, I told him:" Are you crazy? "Tells Maryse Beaulieu, educational consultant and partner of astrophysicist Martin Aubé, professor and researcher at the University of Sherbrooke. I thought he was joking. But he showed me the houses on the internet. Several U.S. companies engaged in these homes kit. I'm convinced. Finally, it is tripe live inside the dome. The light is very soft. "The couple now lives with her two children (three) still at home, Marie-Sophie and Jean-Lou.

"The rank 13, it's been love at first sight! Martin recounts. Ecological values ​​were self-evident for us. "Immediately joined the board of directors of the coop of Range 13, Martin, a specialist in light pollution, is added to the Charter provisions on environmental lighting.

The shape of the geodesic dome provides a high energy efficiency, since it has the smallest possible relationship of exterior surface on the inner surface. The house loses less heat in winter and cooler in the summer house.

Big headache

The big puzzle of beams and struts arrived in pieces on a truck 10 wheels. "They were 12 men to unload the many boxes in the rain?! Maryse remembers. It took me a day to do the inventory, with the system of letters and colors of the company, Natural Spaces Domes. "

Maryse Martin, and now want to build a garden, a small poultry farm and plant fruit trees, in addition to maintaining their portion of the forest.



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