Natural Spaces Domes Plan Books

5Domes Come True #1

This 94 page plan book has 38 plans of exciting, imaginative, custom dome homes. This book has 4-8 plans for each dome size from 29' diam. thru 40' diam. (29' mid-profile, 36' low-profile, 36' high-profile, 40' low-profile, 40' high-profile) Along with 2 plans each for the 45' low-profile and 46' mid-profile. Also includes 3 plans of "Groupies" (double dome plans).

We just don't show you a basic first and second floor plan like everyone else - we include all three floor plans (since most of our domes have lower levels) and we show a cut-a-way section of all three floors. Then we include a rendered picture of what that dome looks like in a real setting.

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(Note we no longer have any stock of our printed version)

Domes Come True #2


This 60 page plan book has 17 fabulous plans of our larger size domes - 45' diam. low-profile, 46' mid-profile, 47' low-profile and 49' mid-profile. (We also offer 50' diam. low-profile and 51' diam. mid-profile domes, however, these sizes are not in this plan book). Then we show you 5 "groupie" plans utilizing multiple domes - 45' low-profile wit ha 36' low-profile; 40' low-profile with two 29' mid-profile domes; 40' high-profile with a 33' low-profile and a 30' low-profile; 40' low-profile with a 29' mid-profile; 49' mid-profile wit ha 40' low-profile and a 36' low-profile.


Available online for instant viewing and download - click here - FREE
To order a paper version of this plan book, click here to go to The Dome Store. It is currently on sale for $5.

Limited copies are available.

7Domes Come True #3

This plan book is made up of plans created in the 1970's by Dennis Odin Johnson as the president of The Big Outdoors People, a dome company he started in 1972.

The sizes of the domes in this plan book are still manufactured by Natural Spaces Domes. The references to metric sizes reflect the U.S. plan to "go metric".

All of the exterior walls are shown utilizing a 2x8 dome shell with urethane foam insulation. If you decide to use fiberglass, cellulose or Icynene with lower R-values per inch, the dome shell can be fabricated using our Super-Wal system, enlarging the dome shell to the outside and maintaining all of the inside space.


Available online for instant viewing and download - click here - FREE

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